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Continuing vocational education and training

An interactive Platform from Greece

The e-Drive Academy is an innovative educational Internet Platform for Safe, Smart, Ecological Transportation and Driving.

Website For Construction Safety

This website by the BAR Bygge & Anlæg (Sectoral Working Environment Council on Building and Construction) aims to raise awareness and knowledge about safety ...

Online training course on design, of human-centred workplaces

The main objective of TRAIN4HCWORK is the development and implementation of a new online course (in English, Spanish, German and French) to strengthen the knowledge and skills of targeted professionals in the design of human-centred workplaces.

Online Interactive Risk Assessment

OiRA is a web platform that enables the creation of sectoral risk assessment tools in any language in an easy and standardised way. It is developed and maintained by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) and it is based on the …

"Shattered Lives" is a campaign of the Health and Safety Executive, UK. Nearly 11000 workers suffered serious injury as a result of a slip or trip in the UK last year.

BGN – Statutory Accident Insurance for the food and restaurant business Germany

Working in the hospitality industry is marked by a high degree of emotional work. Handling guests, their complaints and special wishes requires good nerves and often brings about stress, time pressure and hectic.

Teacher training by the HSA

The Health and Safety Authority (UK) is supporting an initiative of the second level support service for technology teachers to provide training to all 1800 technology teachers in the second level system.

This is a project providing online and offline learning modules for engineers to increase their knowledge on ergonomics. This project was initiated by KAN (Commission for Occupational Health and Safety and Standardisation), Germany.

ttk - The Occupational Safety Card

The Occupational Safety Card training in Finland has been designed first and foremost for the shared workplace of manufacturing industry, but it is equally applicable for the building industry, the public sector, shipbuilding, and more.

a project by the university of osnabrück

This project by the Institute for Dermatology, Environmental Medicine and Health Theory, which is part of the Faculty for Human Sciences of the University of Osnabrück is supposed to support the implementation of occupational health and safety …

Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety and Health

The Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety and Health (eLCOSH.org) was developed to provide accurate, user-friendly information about safety and health for construction workers, employers, researchers and others worldwide.

asbestos awareness e-learning course

The European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW) was partner in a Lifelong Learning Project “Making the EU AsBestos Clean (ABClean) to create an e-learning course offer together with training providers and institutes for occupational …

SAACIWCE (Pakistan)

The Saeed Ahmed Awan Centre for Improvement of Working Conditions & Environment (SAACIWCE) Lahore is a pioneer institution in Pakistan providing professional services in the fields of occupational, safety, health and working environment. It is part …

Healthy Workplaces for all Ages

Throughout Europe, the proportion of older people in the population is growing, people have to work longer, and the average age of workers is increasing.

Preventing Injuries. Saving Lives.

Parachute is a Canadian national, charitable organization dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives.

lebenslang gesund arbeiten

For this project, the German Gesellschaft für Arbeitsschutz- und Humanisierungsforschung (Association for Occupational Safety and Human Research) cooperated with with five companies in the electronics, mechanical engineering and plant engineering …

Brochure in several languages

Starting in 2015, Germany had to deal with a new challenge for politics and society: the big number of refugees coming to the country from many regions in the world, where war and hardship forces people to leave their home countries.

a project by world café europe

Over the next 50 years, the number of well-educated, experienced and engaged older adult Europeans will double. Their path of a life which embraces active ageing will profoundly impact European society, governmental policy-making and business …

Net-based Training for Work-Related Medicine

NetWoRM (Net-based Training for Work- Related Medicine), a project by the Clinical centre of the University of Munich Institute of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, is a project for the further development and the worldwide dissemination of …

Free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

The Centre for International Health at the University of Bergen (UiB), Norway has created a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to reach health personnel all over the world – with the purpose of improving health and life of workers in developing …

Online video-based courses

SafetySkills.com is a website based in the USA, offering more than 300 video online courses. The high quality material can be used for training or online education, each course is offering a Demo and a syllabus.

BGW logo

Education materials for vocational training

"An apprenticeship that fits" for four professional groups The BGW offers you materials that support you in your lessons. Topics include first aid, skin protection, hand hygiene and needlestick injuries. The BGW has put together brochures for the …

University of Birmingham logo

Two booklets providing practical guidance and recommendations for employees, employers and managers to better support employees in their efforts to manage a chronic musculoskeletal disorder at work.

Det Nationale Forskningscenter for Arbejdsmiljo logo

Health environment is an approach to health promotion in the workplace, where employees' health is promoted through the organisation, organization and content of the work. The vision for Sundhedsmiljø is that the work itself contributes to employees …

Det Nationale Forskningscenter for Arbejdsmiljo logo

Report: Correlations between targets for the companies' work environment efforts and reported occupational accidentsIlluminated with the questionnaire survey 'Working environment efforts of companies' and follow-up in the register of reported …


The digital tools allow the creation of instruments that simulate construction scenarios allowing the identification and prevention of risks for teachers, technicians, and engineers.

Vision Zero logo

The project Vision Zero provides a collection of papers for employers and managers, for a variety of different branches.


Being able to share the road in a considerate manner is one of the most important parts of being a driver. We all have a responsibility to look out for each other, whether that’s checking for motorbikes in cities or horses on country lanes.

sphera logo

Industrial accident data over the past several years makes clear that while mitigating Major Accident Hazard events is a fundamental objective, so-called “black swan” events are becoming more commonplace – especially in the refining and petrochemical …


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a US federal agency that sets standards for safe working conditions. OSHA’s standards are highly regarded and used to set organizational benchmarks all over the world. In this article, we …

chanse logo

CHANSE, Collaboration of Humanities and Social Sciences in Europe, is a joint initiative of 27 research funding organisations from 24 countries. The main goal of the CHANSE programme is to announce a call for international research projects: …

suva logo

Cycling is good for your health, but sometimes dangerous. We show you how to avoid accidents and get to your destination safely - with practical riding tips, a safety check for your bike and a poster that will ensure you never forget your cycling …

Signed Safety logo

Signed Safety is creating opportunities for companies and organisations to enhance their workplace environment by keeping ahead of the increasing demand for high health and safety standards coming from employees, authorities and the public.

promis logo

The core of the PROMIS® service is the online integrated management solution. This application supports and integrates compliance with legislation and management systems in a user-friendly format that accommodates organisations of all sizes and …


The World Bank Group's Open Learning Campus (OLC) is exploring the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reshape and reimagine the learning experience of the future. These include transitioning from long lectures, flat pages of text, and …

rutgers logo

The mission of the Center for Public Health Workforce Development is to provide a link between our faculty and practice partners in teaching, research and the practice of public health. The continuing education activities are designed to strengthen …

EBOZP logo

The OSH encyclopedia is an internet encyclopedia that serves as a tool for orientation in the terminology of occupational health and safety and related areas. At the same time, it also serves as a translation dictionary.

ETSC logo

The ETSC Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) is a policy tool to help EU Member States improve road safety. By comparing Member States’ performance, it serves to identify and promote best practice in Europe and bring about the kind of political …

AK logo

eXtended Reality Training in the education and training of emergency services in the health and safety sector (XRTrain) - SIM Campus GmbH.

work ability house model

This mixed methods research (MMR) study explored older employees’ experiences of chronic musculoskeletal disorders (CMSDs) in relation to their employment, their perspectives on managing these conditions in the workplace and the strategies used to …

MSD guide for Employees cover

This booklet provides practical guidance and recommendations for employees with chronic musculoskeletal disorders.   

MSD guide for employers and managers cover

This booklet provides practical guidance and recommendations for employers and managers to better support employees in their efforts to manage a chronic musculoskeletal disorder at work.

JMIR logo

Health professions education has undergone major changes with the advent and adoption of digital technologies worldwide. This study aims to map the existing evidence and identify gaps and research priorities to enable robust and relevant research in …

sphera logo

With all that’s happening in the world, the time could not be better for a Digital Transformation. So how can digitalization improve Safe Operations?

Work Safety logo

With Work Safety, we give you the opportunity to use all the potential of digital continuing education/training on one platform or in individual courses. Be inspired by the digital learning experience.

ISSA Section Machine and System Safety logo

Digital manufacturing is the application of digital technologies to manufacturing, having the right information, at the right place, at the right time.The goal is to link disparate systems and span processes across all departments and functions …

Digitalization cover

Digitalisation is no longer new and it continues its evolution throughout industry. Employers are continuously working on minimising challenges and risks that digitalisation at the workplace causes. Digital technologies, that already complement human …

FARMRes logo

FARMRes “Farmers Assistance Resources for Mental Resilience” is an Erasmus+ project aiming to raise awareness and capacity for farmers to cope with mental health issues.

Hitachi Vantara logo

Hitachi’s Digital Health and Safety Solution offers a holistic, end-to-end solution to maximize people, asset, and shop floor safety.

Quentic logo

Digitalization can bring about a great deal of innovation, productivity and flexibility. Digital technologies are gaining even more ground in occupational safety, improving processes and heightening overall workforce safety.

SOM logo

This document highlights best practice pre COVID-19 and provides new information concerning what is a rapidly evolving situation. It was informed by a review of research, evidence-informed resources and tools offered by professional bodies, and a …

AKH Wien logo

With the help of staff, the intervention creates a work environment designed to be compatible with an ageing workforce, taking into account employees’ needs and abilities in different stages of their lives.

UAB Vonin Lithuania manufactures fishing trawls and fish farming cages. Established in Šiauliai in 2013, the company has since expanded its production capacities and workforce. Currently, it employs 242 workers, of whom 80% are women. In 2020, an …

Over 99% of SAP’s employees work at the office, from home, or are mobile. Desk-based work is the norm in the software industry, which is also the case for most SAP employees. As a result, they are exposed to ergonomic problems in the work …

triglav logo

Zavarovalnica Triglav, d.d. implements a number of measures to manage and prevent MSDs in the organisation. The company maintains that it is critical to raise awareness and encourage employees to live a healthy lifestyle.

Mental Health at Work Programme logo

Help for drawing up a modern substance abuse programme based on the organization’s needs.

Mental Health at Work Programme logo

The “Supporting mental health at work” material provides supervisors with competence and confidence for building a work community that promotes mental health.

Mental Health at Work Programme logo

Resources and motivation for the second half of your career.

Addiction Guide logo

Addiction Guide is your trusted educational guide to addiction and recovery, founded by recovering addicts and board-certified addiction specialists.

A European project to the demographic change

Best Agers is a project in which older professionals worktogether with different age groups in the fields of business and skills development to generate new ideas and share their expertise and experience.

BGW logo

As a teacher who teaches young people in the various nursing professions, you do invaluable preventive work every day for the professionals of tomorrow. Many work-related dangers and illnesses affecting nursing staff can be prevented at an early …

Sigurnost logo

The term lifelong learning in Europe was affirmed in the nineties of the 20th century, and the focus shifted from education, which is an institutionalized and organized process, to lifelong learning, which includes all forms of learning in all life …

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