Taskforce 3

Sustainability of networking

Networks and networking stand for a new mode of interaction and communication in times of digital and global transformation.

A working group in ENETOSH deals with the question of the sustainability of networks. To what extent do networks and networks need formal organisational and cooperation structures? What role do "weak links” play in the survival of a network? How is funding for networks to be ensured, for example by tapping funding opportunities at national, regional and European level? How important is the fit with overarching European and international strategies, for example the European Commission's Strategic Framework for Health and Safety at Work or the inclusion of safe and healthy working conditions in the ILO's Framework of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work? To what extent should the sustainability concept of sustainability science be taken into account?

Core members of this working group are: Tim Tregenza, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU OSHA) and Cleo Varianou Mikellidou, Centre of Excellence in Risk and Decision Science (CeRiDeS), European University Cyprus.

Please find the following documents on the work of the Tasforce here (in PDF format):

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