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Lower versions may cause problems.
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If you want to use the internal area (i.e. logging in with your personal account), please make sure your browser accepts session-cookies!

Hints for the download process (TOOL BOX)
If you click the (blue, underlined) headline of a document, you can download it.
If you left- click it, there maybe different possible procedures, depending on which Operating System and Browser you are using. In most cases, a message will show up and ask you, if you want to open the file (with the default software) or save it to your PC.
If the file is a PDF, maybe your Browser will open it directly (Internet Explorer) or launch the Acrobat Reader. Wether this happens, depends on the settings of your Browser.
If you don’t want to get a message and don’t want the document be opened immediately, you should click the file with the right mouse button and choose “save target as…” in the context menu that opens up. After doing this, you can choose a destination on your PC and save the file.

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