Evaluation of the ENETOSH Standard
An empirical study has been underway since April 2008 to review the validity of the ENETOSH standard. The study is being conducted by Dresden Technical University on behalf of the Institute Work and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV). Numerous experts from within and outside the ENETOSH network are involved in the study, which is intended to ascertain whether the ENETOSH Standard of Competence actually does meet the requirements in each area in which it is to be used. The part of the standard dealing with workplace health management was successfully evolved back in 2008. Important and observable types of behaviour were added to it, which could provide a valid and reliable basis for later training or certification. As a result of the positive outcome of this pilot project, a second sub-project was carried out on the part of the standard relating to OSH management to check its validity and add detail to it.
As with the part of the standard referring to workplace health management, a further aim of the study was to define the staff competences, previously formulated in general terms, on the basis of specific, observable behaviour. This behaviour would then be directly observable in instructors’ and trainers’ work, rendering the ENETOSH standard of even more practical use In August 2009, work began on examining the validity of the part of the standard covering occupational safety and health. The study is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2009.
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