AdRisk launch of results
European Association for Injury and Safety Promotion
The materials and information include:
• “Injuries and risk-taking among young people in Europe – The European
Situation Analysis” which provides an overview on the living conditions and
health behaviour of young people as well as facts and figures concerning
intentional and unintentional injuries among young people. Summary report
also available.
• ”Tackling Injuries among Adolescents and Young Adults in the EU: Strategy
and Framework for Action”. The document points out efficient strategies of the past and suggests supplementing approaches such as risk competence
development within a framework of health promotion. The main areas of
interventions are presented
• “Good Practices Guide to Prevention of injuries among Young People” that
documents good practices and case studies in Europe on the field of injury
prevention for adolescents
• “Guidelines for National Action” which is a guide for initiating national action on adolescents and injury prevention in Europe.
• With the “AdRisk Toolbox” the project also proposes tools for implementation

For further information please contact:
Ursula Löwe
AdRisk Project Coordinator

All AdRisk reports and tools are available on the AdRisk website:

Please take a look at the ENETOSH GOOD PRACTICE area as well.