8th Training & Innovation
Intercultural Dialogue in Work and Health
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Presentations and scripts

Thursday, 3. July 2008


Current trends in the area of migration and the internationalisation of OSH - statements
  • Study on Migrant Workers
    Xabier Irastorza, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work
    > presentation (PDF file, 1,9 MB, EN)

  • Migration und demographic change – the new social vision at European level
    Wolfgang Schulz-Weidner, Permanent delegation of the German Social Insurance System to the European Union
    > presentation (PDF file, 103 KB, DE)

  • Health and migration
    Dorothea Grieger, Member of the task force of Germany’s commissioner for migration, refugees and integration (APT)
    > script (PDF file, 20 KB, EN)

  • Cultural Diversity as a resource in enterprises
    Petra Köppel, Bertelsmann Foundation
    > presentation (PDF file, 909 KB, EN)

Development of common visions regarding intercultural dialogue in work and health


Friday, 4. July 2008

  • Key note: Trans-cultural competence in institutions for example in a hospital
    Dagmar Domenig, Red Cross Switzerland
    > presentation (PDF file, 6 MB, DE)
  • Key note: Working safely in a multicultural food and drink industry
    John Nevitt, Tulip UK
    > presentation (PDF file, 309 KB, EN)


Diversity Management — a concept for small and medium sized enterprises?
  • Diversity Management – productive design of diversity
    Dorothea Grieger, Member of the task force of Germany’s commissioner for migration, refugees and integration (APT)
    > script (PDF file, 26 KB, DE)

  • Culture in companies and organisations
    Paul Swuste, TU Delft
    > presentation (PDF file, 1,1 MB, EN)

The 6 sensations of culture – to use your own resources, coping with difficult situations
  • Anno Kluß, Dirk Adams; context – intercultural communication & learning
    > presentation (PDF file, 630 KB, EN)

Health promotion for migrants
  • Intercultural workplace health promotion
    Martina Harms, AMD Hamburg
    > presentation (PDF file, 324 KB, DE)

  • Health project „MiMi - With migrants for migrants“
    Ramazan Salman, Ethno-Medical Centre
    > presentation (PDF file, 500 KB, EN)
    > presentation (PDF file, 500 KB, DE)

Leading multiethnic teams – the example of maritime shipping
  • Hans-Joachim Jensen, Statutory accident insurance for the maritime sector/German Association for Maritime Medicine;
    Christian Hannig
    > presentation (PDF file, 1 MB, EN)

Communication in action – Boxing as a contact-bridge within intercultural dialogue
Werner Makella, Rupert Voß
Work and Box Company

International human resource development / assignment
  • Foreign assignment of employees
    Ulrich Winterfeld, Katrin Boege, BGAG – Institute Work and Health
    > presentation (PDF file, 527 KB, EN)

  • Foreign assignment in companies from the perspective of adult education - China as an example
    Steffi Robak, University of Giessen
    > presentation (PDF file, 186 KB, EN)

  • Foreign assignment with families
    Xiaojuan Ma, China-Expertise
    > presentation (PDF file, 1,4 MB, EN)

Internationalisation of occupational safety and health – how to learn from each other
  • “But they get paid for it, don’t they?” – Experiences in an intercultural consulting project for the improvement of the information management in occupational health and safety
    Kai Seiler, Regional Institute for Health and Work NRW
    > presentation on demand by email

  • "PROmoting European INNOvation culture" (PROINNO)
    Improving cooperation in international projects
    Lothar Lissner, Cooperation Centre Hamburg
    > presentation (PDF file, 165 KB, EN)

Foreign in an enterprise – enterprises in a foreign country
  • The culture-sensitive risk analysis
    Thomas Trappe, RAG Herne/German black coal
    > presentation (PDF file, 2,9 ;B, EN)

  • Factors contributing to different accident rates of Danish and Swedish construction workers
    Susanne Ulk, BAR U&F, Denmark
    > presentation (PDF file, 444 KB, EN)

  • To draw a portrait of the worker: Indicators for the construction of a safety culture
    Mohamed Necer, University Hadjlakhadhar, Algeria
    > presentation (PDF file, 1,6 MB, EN)

Prevention of violence in an intercultural context
  • Risks of violence and resources of migrants
    Haci-Halil Uslucan, University of Potsdam
    > presentation (PDF file, 717 KB, DE)

  • Intercultural violence prevention for public servants
    Katrin Boege, BGAG – Institute Work and Health
    > presentation (PDF file, 417 KB, DE)

  • Conflict resolution - Training for teachers and trainers
    Loek Grobben, Theatre and dance educator



Saturday, 5. July 2008

  • Key note: Self-defensive attributions in the Finnish and Ghanaian work environment
    Simo Salminen, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH)
    > presentation (PDF file, 142 KB, EN)

  • Key note: Sports interculturally
    Anno Kluß & Dirk Adams; context – intercultural communication & learning
    > presentation (PDF file, 681 KB, EN)

  • The certified course: Intercultural trainer/coach
    Marion Dathe, University of Jena
    > presentation (PDF file, 3,2 MB, EN)

  • Qualification as an intercultural trainer/coach
    Alexander Reeb, IKUD-Seminars
    > presentation (PDF file, 634 KB, DE)

Intercultural competence in school and vocational education
  • Without a chance? The situation of young migrants during the changing from school to work
    Michaela Dälken, DGB Bildungswerk e.V.
    > presentation (PDF file, 268 KB, DE)

  • Fostering intercultural competence in teachers: A multi-modal training concept
    Tobias Ringeisen, Centre for Education and Science of the Federal Finance Administration – Federal University of Applied Sciences
    > presentation (PDF file, 4,3 MB, EN)

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