The young workers report of the Risk Observatory
European Agency for Safety and Health at Work
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In seven chapters offer not only analysing statistics and studies but also selected case studies of prevention. By bringing this wealth of information together, the Agency hopes to contribute to better protection of young people as they embark on their working life and therefore, to their improved health throughout it.
After an introduction, a statistical portrait of the young workers within the labour force is presented. The third chapter, Young workers and exposure to risks, addresses the specific hazards and risks that young workers may face during their employment. The fourth chapter, Health outcomes, addresses health outcomes among young workers as a result of their employment. The fifth chapter, Legislation, gives an overview of European and international policies aimed at young workers. The sixth chapter, Methodology, gives an overview of the methodological issues of the report. The seventh and last chapter, Discussion and conclusions, provides a summary of the main issues of the report, focusing on employment/unemployment of young workers, their health problems and occupational accidents, prevention, training and education and research needs.

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