Hot Topic #5
Healthy Children
Here is our list of examples dealing with children's health (in random order):

"I live a healthy life" (Germany)
Web site
The Labor Welfare counters the rise of unhealthy behaviours and health disorders with the countrywide health initiative "I live a healthy life". The initiative closely corresponds to the health-aim of the Saxon Social Ministry "Growing up healthy in day-care-centers".

National healthy school standard (NHSS)(UK)
Web site
National programme, with possibility for schools to adopt a programme suited to their situation. To get the classification “healthy school” the school must have achieved targets set by the local programme. Schools are then expected to build on any achievements and make progress towards additional targets and focus on new themes.
This example can be found in detail in our GOOD PRACTICE area

ENHPS - The European Network of Health Promoting Schools Project (Turkey)
Ministry web site
This project is coordinated by the Turkish Ministry of Health. The Health Promoting Schools Project aims at achieving healthy lifestyles for the total school population by developing supportive environments conducive to the promotion of health.

“Airedale Backcare Programme for Children” (UK)
Web site
The ABC programme was designed in the response to the problem of low back pain. Research by BackCare found 50% of children would experience low back pain by the age of 14. In response to this statistic, the ABC team developed health education initiative.
Model project: pro-health kindergarten Web site

Healthy children - healthy school (Germany)
Web site
School project in Germany. All children receive a running badge (for a non-stop run lasting at least 15 minutes). Parents who are not employed take active part in the events. Families change their eating habits, and to some extent also their leisure habits.

The MediPaeds - a team of teachers and medical practitioners (Germany)
Web site
A project with papers and seminars for the promotion of health amongst children and teenagers.

Glasses to see with (Italy)
Institute web site
Short film entitled `Glasses to see with', in which a grandfather, representing the values of experience and safety, asks his grandchildren questions and waits for the answers. These appear as subtitles and can be read aloud by children in karaoke style.

TigerKids – active kindergarten (Germany)
Web site
Promoting health amongst children of kindergarten age and prevention of obesity amongst children.

Healthy schools in the Netherlands (The Netherlands)
Web site
The school programme of NIGZ focuses on promoting health and safety in primary and secondary schools in the Netherlands. There is structural collaboration with nine national health promoting institutes on health promoting schools.

"Nutritional education for Saxony" project (Germany)
Web site
Project for children aged approximately 3 to 11 in childcare facilities, primary schools and special needs schools in Saxony.

The value of milk – from food safety to occupational safety (Italy)
Web site
Promoting risk awareness in children and young people through a collaborative approach between enterprises and schools/universities; dissemination of examples of good practice based on effective risk evaluation and a subsequent action programme involving a holistic approach to the employment of young workers.

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