Training & Innovation 2010
Rethinking transfer: the sustainability of training in occupational health and safety
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Education and training are an important basis for a successful transfer of health and safety into practice. But, the transfer of knowledge into practice is difficult. US studies estimate a transfer quota of 10% only. Why? And how to improve the sustainability of education and training measures?

At the 10th Training & Innovation we will tackle the topic transfer as follows:

We will discuss together with you the terms of transfer within the enterprise.
  • What are the demands of the employer related to education and training?
  • What are the success factors and what are the stumbling blocks for transfer in an enterprise?
  • Who is responsible for the transfer process?
  • How does a corporate culture look like that promotes transfer?
We will have a look on the human factor and its influence on the transfer of knowledge.
  • What are the demands and the requirements of the participants in a training?
  • Which personal traits facilitate the transfer of learning into practice?
  • How does the trainer think about his impact on the transfer-process?
Last but not least we will work together on a sustainable training design.
  • What can be organized in advance of the event and subsequent to the training event?
  • Which methods or measures will increase the impact of training in practice?
  • How to fit the training better into the working context?

For more details please take a look into the program of the 10th Training & Innovation. On the next page, you will find a program overview.

The event will address all those who deal with issues of education and training in health and safety. This years Training & Innovation will focus on instructors and trainers from educational institutions or inside enterprises, and on managers of enterprises or other institutions.

For all participants there will be organized a process in advance of the event and subsequent to the event.

Together with you we are very much looking forward to two creative and stimulating days.

Programme (PDF file)
Registration form (PDF file)

Here you will find the German version of the programme:


Organisational issues:
Anja Köhler
+49 351 / 457 1612

Content issues:
Dr. Ulrike Bollmann
+49 351 / 457 1510
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