Stakeholder meeting in Brussels
Mainstreaming OSH into education
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The overall conclusions were:
  • That a combined approach where risk education takes place within the context of health and safety management for staff and pupils should be supported (whole school approach) to promote a safety culture within education establishments.
  • That risk education is from nursery to university and then into the workplace – a life-long learning approach is needed.
  • That we must be precise, realistic and practical regarding what we want to achieve with risk education. School curricula are overcrowded and there are time and resources constraints.
  • That actions must be based on analysis - what works well and what is achievable in practice.
  • That cooperation and synergies must be developed. Actions must be based on consultation with stakeholders. Social partners must be included in the consultation process.
  • That if the European Commission were to propose a resolution or recommendation on mainstreaming OSH into education, this would be very much welcomed.

In the first session the participants were able to listen to presentations dealing with the recent developments in the field of mainstreaming OSH into education (Session A, chaired by Kris de Meester, Business Europe). Speeches in the second session looked at EU-policy perspectives on mainstreaming OSH into education (Session B, chaired by Raili Perimaki, SAK Finnish trade union confederation).

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Sarah Copsey, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA)

Mainstreaming OSH into education and training:
Results of EU-OSHA activities
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Ulrike Bollmann, German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV)

Once upon a time… -
European Network Education and Training in OSH (ENETOSH)
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Jutta Busch, German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV)

ISSA declaration on mainstreaming OSH
into education
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Paul Gordon, British Safety Council (BSC)

A school OSH qualification –
development, implementation and results
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Hilary Mooney, Health and Safety Authority Ireland (HSA)

Integrating Education and OSH into the education sector
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Malgorzata Stadnik, European Commission, DG Employment,
Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities

The Community Strategy on Health and Safety at
Work 2007-2012.
Mainstreaming occupational health and safety
(OSH) into education
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Charles Nolda,
European Education Employers Federation (EFEE)

Speech, no presentation
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Susan Flocken,
European Trade Union Confederation for Education (ETUCE)

Mainstreaming OSH into education,
safe and healthy schools from the
perspective of teacher unions

Interactive session

Within small groups the participants discussed the following topics:
  1. A whole school / whole university approach is highly recommended to mainstream health and safety successfully into education. Please define three priorities to make such an approach a success. Please identify three obstacles.
  2. Today you are asked to create a wish list for a policy development. Please agree on three steps that should be undertaken first at the policy level.

The interactive session was chaired by Ulrike Bollmann, DGUV.

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