New Systematic Review on Education & Training
Conducted by The Institute for Work & Health, CA
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Occupational health and safety (OHS) training is an important part of managing workplace hazards and risks. Such training may involve instruction on identifying occupational risks and how to control them, learning about safe workplace practices and how to properly use personal protective equipment.
Of course, employers want to know whether training can meet the goals of decreasing workplace injuries and illness, and whether the cost of training programs can be justified.

This review showed that:
  • Workplace education and training programs have a positive impact on OHS practices of workers. However, OHS training on its own was not shown, in this review, to have an impact on health (for example, by reducing injuries or symptoms).
  • There is currently insufficient evidence to determine whether a single session of high engagement training has a greater impact compared to a single session of low/medium engagement training.
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