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Here you can get an overview of the usage of this web platform. The graphs show the number and origin countries of the website visitors, how they accessed the website, search terms and durations of visits.

Please click the following links for a PDF file containing a summary of screenshots and diagrams of the logfile statistics of the ENETOSH web platform (with explanations):

Web statistics for the whole year 2018

Web statistics January - September 2018

Web statistics for the whole year 2017

Web statistics January - August 2017

Web statistics January - June 2017

Web statistics January - April 2017

Web statistics for the whole year 2016

Web statistics June 2016

Web statistics April 2016

Please note that these PDF files will open in a new browser window.

| Bild: | Results of the visitor's survey

In early 2013, visitors of enetosh.net and members of the network were asked to participate in a survey on the quality of the web platform.
Here are the results of this survey.