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Systematic collection and assessment of examples of good practice

The process of identifying, selecting and presenting examples of good practice in education and training in occupational safety and health for ENETOSH is quality-assured.

A quality management system was developed during the EU project, including the following: a list of criteria for selecting examples of good practice, a data-collection sheet, a coding system, the advisory editing committee plus its statutes and a code of conduct for users of the ENETOSH platform. These tools are used in accordance with a defined workflow. (see "Evaluation")

Certain examples of good practice are presented in more detail (“Examples”) or grouped by topics (“Hot Topics”). Furthermore, we have selections of good practice examples that are available online and that are interactive ("Education Online") and examples using Videos ("Videos").
All of the selected examples of good practice are published in our database (“Database (Tool box)”) on this website. Users can search for examples using specific selection criteria or keywords there. The system displays a brief note in English and a link to the project’s or institution’s website in the national language.

Among other things, the examples of good practice provide ideas for innovative methods in education and training in occupational safety and health and are intended to promote mainstreaming of safety and health into the national education systems.

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