21st ENETOSH Network Meeting
special meeting of founding members
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On occasion of the 12 and a half year's anniversary of the network, a special network meeting took place in Brighton, invited by the University of Brighton as a network member, namely Alan Cowen. Several founding members in person attended the meeting, such as Paul Swuste from The Netherlands, Susanne Ulk from Denmark and Alena Horáčková from Czech Republic. Others substituted their former colleagues like Gizem Naz Dölek and Uğur Öztürk from Turkey. 26 Members and five guests from 17 countries participated.
The aim of the meeting was to wrap up the past and find solutions for a successful work in the future. Three Workshops helped to discuss important topics, like the update of the Strategic Framework 3.0 for ENETOSH and find ideas how to ensure the quality of education and training in OSH and implement good models into practice.
The Strategic Framework was further discussed at the 11th ENETOSH Steering Committee meeting, which took place subsequent to the network meeting. Gabriele Pappai from Germany and Diana de Sousa Policarpo from Portugal were welcomed as new members at the Steering Committee; Nuria Mancebo from Spain will from now on co-chair the Steering Committee together with Matthew Holder from UK.

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