Croatian Health Insurance Fund
Health care contributions in Croatia are mandatory for all employed citizens, i.e. their employers. The dependents obtain their health care coverage through contributions paid by working members of their families. Self-employed workers in Croatia are also obliged to pay health care contributions. Croatian citizens who belong to a particularly vulnerable category are exempt from paying health care contributions; retired people and persons with low income are insured and have access to health care facilities - contractual partners -of the Croatian Health Insurance Fund (CHIF).

The vision of the healthcare system is to become a health system where quality healthcare is available to everyone, according to the principles of comprehensiveness, accessibility and solidarity.
The mission of the Croatian health insurance is to rationally invest the funds of insured persons in quality and efficient health services and programs that will add years to life and life to years.

Croatian Health Insurance Fund as national insurer in the field of occupational health provides medical care and financial compensations in cases of occupational injuries and occupational diseases, as well as measures for their prevention, which include also educational programs, in order to achieve the standards of a healthy workplace.

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Dr Vinka Longin Peš, LLM
Croatian Health Insurance Fund
Margaretska 1
10000 Zagreb

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