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First Aid
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Following you will find some projects dealing with first aid, presented in our TOOLBOX and in the GOOD PRACTICE area. This list is not supposed to and cannot be complete.

“Future Competence” Skills - Improve Apprentice Safety (Germany)
Company web site
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Project by Rhi Ag Veitsch/Radex Gmbh & Co
The aim of this project is to teach apprentices in the fields of safety competence, health competence, personal competence, technical competence and future competence. Another main focus of this innovative project is to develop hazard-spotting skills and involve the young apprentices in hazard rectification.
This example can be found in detail in our GOOD PRACTICE area

Wiseup2Work (UK)
Project web site
Workplace Hazard Awareness Course
The course and qualification aims to provide Year 10 students with a basic understanding of health and safety in the workplace, so that they understand hazards, and what to expect of their employer.
Teaching materials to support the qualification have been produced by IOSH and will be free to schools and colleges. The materials will be accessible for students to work online and have been piloted in schools in England to ensure they meet the needs of teachers and students.
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“Safe In Our Own School” (Italy)
ISPESL web site
Knowing About Dangers At School, Home And In The Workplace
A project by Istituto superiore per la prevenzione e la sicurezza del lavoro – ISPESL - to be aware of dangers at school, home and in the workplace and to behave properly in emergency situations.

On-the-job learner's safety card (Finland)
Project web site
Since 2001 all vocational study programmes in Finland have had to include on-the -job learning, which means that a part of the study programme is performed on the job. In order to get the on-the-job learner's safety card, the learners have to prove that they can use the most common tools of the trade.

„Bezpečná Komunita“- Safe Community (Czech Republic)
Project presentation in our GOOD PRACTICE area
In April 2005, the primary school Zachar Kroměřiž in the Czech Republic was announced International Safe School. The programme International Safe Schools is a part of larger movement the World Health Organisation Safe Community movement, formally started in 1989 and located at the WHO Centre Community Safety Promotion in Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.
This example can be found in detail in our GOOD PRACTICE area

Update Occupational Safety (Germany)
BGN web site
A project by Institution for Statutory Accident Insurance and Prevention in the Foodstuffs Industry and the Catering Trade (BGN) Germany. The educational game for apprentices “Update Occupational Safety” is a didactial tool to support teachers in vocational schools to teach occupational safety in the bakery / confectionary and catering industry. By the help of practical visualisation the apprentices are getting an easier access to themes like first aid, safety marking, fire prevention, accident insurance etc.

Safe Start to Working Life (Austria)
Project web site
The Leoben Labour Inspectorate conducted school projects jointly with the prevocational schools in Eisenerz, Knittelfeld and Leoben. The projects started with a presentation of the Labour Inspectorate, an introduction to occupational health and safety and the distribution of pertinent information. During the practical training week, the students focused on identifying and assessing work-related hazards. Labour inspectors accompanied the students and teachers during plant tours and alerted them to concrete hazards and risks.

Safety for Chemistry Students (Belgium)
Project web site
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. A methodology was developed for carrying out prior risk assessments of student laboratory work. The development and implementation involved several stages. Precautions to take in case of accidents, emergency and first aid was one of the stages.

Safety for and by everyone (The Netherlands)
Voion wWeb site
The Roelof Van Echten college was created a few years ago by a merge of several schools. One of the challenges was to develop one culture and vision towards health and safety among the different schools. Each location has a prevention worker, and there is one overall coordinator who has two days a week to initiate and execute the health and safety policy. Seventy employees have a supportive function. The goal is to make safety a case of everyone.

E-learning based training “Occupational safety and health in the SME sector” (Poland)
CIOP web site
Basic training on OSH using e-learning method designed for SMEs representing the following sectors: construction industry, transport and food industry. A project by CIOP.

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