How to prove good practice?
Criteria for good practice examples1

The good practice example (GPE) of education and training in occupational safety and health (OSH) should fulfill five of the following criteria at a minimum:

1. The GPE refers to standards in education and training (in OSH) (e.g. "The National Healthy School Standard", England).

2. The GPE involves the main stakeholders (e.g. pupils/students, parents, schools, headmasters, teachers and trainers, enterprises, social partners).

3. The GPE refers to the concept of life long learning.

4. The GPE includes the aspect of a safe and healthy working and/or learning environment.

5. The GPE includes training measures for teachers and trainers to ensure transfer into practice.

6. The GPE includes interactive and flexible methods of education and training (e.g. art-work, theatre, e-learning).

7. The GPE is directly related to the workplace.

8. The GPE defines entry requirements (e.g. acceptance test).

9. The GPE envisages a test, certificate or degree.

10. The GPE covers evaluation or feedback.

These criteria count for the selection of good practice examples for the TOOLBOX and for the GOOD PRACTICE area as well. In the GPE area, selected examples are presented in detail. The TOOLBOX covers methods, media and documents, which provide a model for education and training. It is not the purspose of the toolbox to give an overview of courses, seminars and events in OSH.

1 Approved by the ENETOSH project partners on 31th October 2005