Autoridade para as Condições do Trabalho
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Autoridade para as Condições do Trabalho (Authority for Working Conditions) is a service of the Portuguese state aimed at promoting the improvement of working conditions throughout the mainland. This is done by enforcement of labor policy development in the context of private labor relations and the promotion of safety and health at work all activity private sectors.
ACT, which has taken over the powers of the General Labour Inspectorate and the Institute for Safety and Health at Work, is based in Lisbon and has 32 decentralized services.
ACT is one of the actors of MIND SAFETY – SAFETY MATTERS! ERASMUS+ project. This project aims to establish an interface between teacher education, professional training and learning contexts in occupational safety and health. It will help to improve and innovate methods of teaching safety and health issues in the classroom, to motivate and prepare young people to work in safe conditions, and to be responsible citizens after leaving school.

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Autoridade para as Condições do Trabalho (Authority for Working Conditions) ACT
Divisão de Promoção e Avaliação de Programas e Estudos (Division of Promotion and Program Evaluation Studies)

Av. Casal Ribeiro, 18-A
1000-092 Lisboa

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Ms. Paula Sousa
Head of Division for the Promotion and Evaluation of Programmes and Studies

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