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Working in the hospitality industry is marked by a high degree of emotional work. Handling guests, their complaints and special wishes requires good nerves and often brings about stress, time pressure and hectic. It is necessary to treat these burdens consciously and develop strategies for working life. The BGN (Statutory Accident Insurance for the food and restaurant business) Germany offers an interactive Website called "The Picnic Basket" with different interactive offers, e.g: coping with stress; managing and cooperation; communication; qualification and emotional competence. The aim of this offer is to show connections between psychic misuse and health and bring gastronomes towards an active prevention. The Website contains a wide range of offers: interactive online-tests on stress, short films from everyday working life, which can be commented on and Listening-potpourri „The emotional parachute“ on the topic of emotional competence in the hospitality industry. Furthermore, the website presents posters, brochures and articles for reading and downloading.

Level of Education: Continuing vocational education and training

Lead Organisation: BGN – Statutory Accident Insurance for the food and restaurant business

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