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Länsilinjat Oy is a privately owned bus company, which was founded in 1939 when five bus companies merged. The high average age of the workers in Länsilinjat Oy was a particular concern of company. In 1999, Länsilinjat Oy took part in a programme on ageing workers, established by the Council of State of Finland. One part of the programme was targeted at supporting organisations to develop comprehensively, particularly in relation to the work ability of its ageing workers. Based on this programme, the company introduced a range of measures from 1999 to 2002. These measures included: information about a healthy lifestyle; rehabilitation courses; part-time pension arrangements; occupational rehabilitation; occupational health care services; education about emergency situations; development of drivers’ professional skills and know-how; education to prepare drivers for the professional drivers’ examination; apprenticeship-based professional examination for maintenance workers; a godparent driver system for new drivers; regular meetings for drivers in small groups; more flexible working time arrangements; the development of meeting practices and interaction.

Level of Education: Continuing vocational education and training

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