Netherlands, Dutch

Hazenberg Bouw, one of about 120 construction companies that make up TBI Holding, is situated in Vught, a small town in the south of the Netherlands. Older workers are usually spared physically demanding work by means of flexible working patterns, job design, and health and well-being measures. The company views older workers as being less productive with respect to physically demanding tasks, but as being important contributors to work quality through their greater experience. Hazenberg Bouw BV developed two training and development initiatives for older workers: a job design and a health and well-being programme. Jobs were designed to match the physical capabilities of older workers: for example, older workers were assigned tasks such as foreman responsibilities, tutoring of younger workers, and slower-paced tasks. The foreman and tutoring jobs were less physically demanding, and they also facilitated the transfer of work experience.

Level of Education: Continuing vocational education and training

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