The iBOX project aims at ensuring more inclusive organisations, more inclusive education approaches and actions, through a capacity building process to better face and respond to current and future societal challenges.
The project will provide a solution for education and training providers, NGOs and CSOs to address their needs in terms of new capacities to meet new and continuing challenges, to remain and become more inclusive and diverse, while embracing the principles of a new, more digital way of working.
iBOX wants to increase the quality of the work, activities and practices of the educators and staff in educational establishments/ CSOs involved and build their capacity to work transnationally and cross-sectorally on common needs and priorities in education and training, such as the inclusion and enhancement of diversity at all levels and in all aspects of their work.

Please click here for more information on the iBOX website and here for the Compendium of inspiring practices on the three core themes, collecting practices and guidelines identified on social inclusion in CSOs and NGOs.

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