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The course is targeted especially to teachers from upper secondary schools to the university level of applied sciences. But everybody is welcome who knows the subject as her/his own. The course is Erasmus+ compatible, allowing the opportunity to receive mobility funding from the Erasmus+ program.

The emergency of artificial intelligence during the last year has been paramount. There are endless ways to benefit from AI but possibly the greatest promise of AI is finally in education. This course is developed for teachers who are taking their first steps in exploiting AI in their work. Interest into the topic is the most crucial criteria for participation and teaching levels from upper secondary schools to universities of applied sciences are preferred. The course applies EU DigiComp 2.2 as the background framework. And it exploits the findings of the European Commission’s AI in education Squad (2023) plus the Finnish pedagogy approach. This course will help you improve your digital competencies to efficiently teach with/for AI and integrate it into your classes.

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