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Austrian Workers' Compensation Board (AUVA)

The Austrian Workers' Compensation Board (AUVA) is the social accident insurance institution responsible for some 3 million employees, 1.3 million schoolchildren and students, and numerous voluntary charity and emergency organisations in Austria. It delivers comprehensive prevention services: accident and occupational disease prevention, occupational medicine, and firstaid. In the event of a claim, it is responsible for medical treatment with the use of all suitable resources, integral rehabilitation, and compensation. The tasks of the AUVA include performance of statutory prevention tasks: publicity for the concept of accident prevention; consultation; training and support; cooperation with businesses, schools, public departments and public bodies; analysis and causal research; and support for small businesses. The AUVA possesses theoretical and practical experience with the mainstreaming of occupational safety and health into the activities of vocational colleges and vocationally oriented secondary schools in various sectors (technical occupations, servicesector occupations, tourism colleges). The spectrum ranges from instruction in hazards for work on hazardous machines in technical colleges to a further training programme in occupational safety and health for secondary school teachers. Following the concept of the European computing driving licence, the aim is to enable pupils at vocationally oriented secondary schools to acquire an "OSH passport". The AUVA has published a policy paper on the mainstreaming of health and safety at work into vocational education.

AUVA is in charge of the vocational education team and maintains the corresponding forum. AUVA analyses and develops criteria for good practice in the EU-15, and continues its work on developing a European standard for the qualification of lecturers and trainers in occupational safety and health.

Austrian Workers' Compensation Board (AUVA)

Adalbert-Stifter-Straße 65
1200 Vienna

Contact person:

Mag. Edith Svec-Brandl

More information:

Gabriele Uhl
+43 (01) 33111 571

Federal Ministry of Labour

The first labour inspectors were appointed in Austria more than 100 years ago in the wake of realising the necessity of stipulating legal provisions for the protection of the working population and having adherence to these provisions supervised by an independent authority. Nowadays the labour inspection is part of the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection. 19 regional labour inspectorates and one special inspectorate for construction work are directly responsible to the Central Labour Inspectorate. Each of the federal provinces has at least one labour inspectorate and each labour inspectorate has a medical labour inspection service.

Labour inspection is the biggest legally commissioned organisation for combating deficits in the safety and health at work places in Austria. We act according to uniform principles and are independent from individual interests. A homogenous implementation practice on federal basis ensures that claims of equal rights and fair competition at work are guaranteed. By exercising its legal mandate, labour inspection ensures the protection of life and health of the working population. It thus contributes towards
preventing accidents and work-related illness enhancing safety at work and health at work the acceptance of occupational safety and health by society.

Labour inspection verifies adherence to the legal provisions for the protection of life and health of the working population.
- We fulfill our tasks as a party in permission and exemption procedures.
- We inform and advise free of charge, with legally binding effect, in all matters of occupational safety and health at work.
- Within the scope of our activities we mediate between conflicting parties in the world of work.
- We investigate in the event of accidents at work and in matters concerning complaints about a nuisance or abuse.
- We participate in international projects in the field of safety and health at work.
- We are involved in lectures, training, and discussions as regards vocational and further training of those responsible for protection at work.
- We create awareness for aspects of safety and health at work.

In the course of our activities - from the inspection of plants to participation in information meetings - we co-operate primarily with the following partners:
- Employees, safety representatives and works councils
- Enterprises and planning companies
- Experts and centres for the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases
- Chambers, trade unions, and professional associations/federations
- Social security carriers and the public employment service
- Research, testing, and consultation services
- Training institutions
- Traffic-labour inspection, mining authority, agriculture and forestry inspection
and other authorities such as, for instance, the competent offices for district administration, construction matters, and security.

Federal Ministry of Labour

Favoritenstraße 7
1040 Vienna

Contact person:

- -

HTL Donaustadt

The Technical institution of higher education Donaustadt (HTL Donaustadt) has been founded over 20 years ago. It consists of three educational institutions:
- Higher Schools
- Evening Schools
- Technical colleges.
The main focus of education lies on the subjects informatics and electrical engineering. The educational systems is based on three columns:
- Professional competence
- Development of personality
- Practical experience

The lessons are designed towards an educational objective with the help of modern methods in a pleasant atmosphere. Special emphasize is put on the graduates´ constant will for own responsibility and for learning. They have to stand up to the ever changing circumstances in society and working life. The development of personality, team and communication ability, language competences and teaching of foreign languages are emphasized.

Apart from that, the HTL is involved in projects on environmental protection management and is active in international school development projects.

HTL Donaustadt

Donaustadtstraße 45
   1220 Vienna
+43 1 20105-0

Contact person:

Kurt Stadtler

Individual Members

Katharina Musialek (Takacs), next level consulting; Technical University Vienna: BiB Lab; Stiftung Haus der kleinen Forscher

Project Management (IPMA Level C)/ Project leader of research and development projects, Co-Founder of "Bildungslandschaften in Bewegung"; Member of ENETOSH, coordination & moderation of strategy development, - implementation & -evaluation; Project Management Forum KITA Development Foundation House of Little Researchers (Haus der kleinen Forscher)


Katharina Musialek (Takacs)
next level consulting; Technical University Vienna: BiB Lab; Stiftung Haus der kleinen Forscher

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