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Pakistan Safety Council - PSC®

Pakistan Safety Council under supervision Society of Occupational Health & Safety Professionals was established in the year 2011, and is registered with Government of Pakistan. PSC-SOHSP is to make the Occupational Health Safety training and related programs adaptable, demand based, need oriented and effective in terms of cost-benefit analysis. The health and safety programs are conducted with required involvement and participation of stakeholders and its management team.
PSC-SOHSP is guided and operated with reference to the relevant and applicable Health and Safety laws and regulations. PSC-SOHSP has an association with health and safety professionals in different regions.
The organization is working to promote the safer working environments by promoting the awareness and providing trainings to avoid illness, injuries and accidents, which may occur at the workplaces or work environment.
PSC-SOHSP believes that safer working environment provides benefits, not only to the employees but it also enhances productivity of an organization and ultimately contributes in the economy's growth. Safer working environment also plays a significant role in terms of employees’ job satisfaction, lowering production cost, meeting targets and increasing profitability.
The mission is to develop and bring the healthy and safer working environment in organizations and people lives.
The vision is to educate the population of country, about the health and safety laws and regulations; to enable people for adopting necessary measures, which are required to be taken, to prevent the disasters, injuries and accidents.

Pakistan Safety Council - PSC®

PSC House: A / 9-E
P.E.C.H.S Block-6 main nursery
75400 Karachi
+92 3100077713

Contact person:

Ali Raza Memon - EMPSC®
Director General - PSC®

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