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The foundation of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer in Spain, together with PAU Education to develop a project at school. The idea of starting this intergenerational dialogue emerged from two of the main objectives of the Foundation, specifically the promotion of health education and healthy aging. The initiative was supposed to put into practice two highly complementary types of approaches within the framework of participatory education. The education project for primary education "We have a lot in common" offers schools the opportunity to work in the promotion of healthy habits and prevention of childhood obesity, through the consolidation of intergenerational ties and quality of life. The project started in Valencia during the school year 2005/ 2006. In the second edition, 2006-2007, Madrid joined the initiative. In both cases, the project was supported by the Ministries of Education and Health of both regions. In 2007 and 2008, the third edition started. In June 2007 the project was listed as one of the "best practices intergenerational" program in Spain by INTERGEN IMSERSO. Methods of the project: - presentation of the project in schools and providing teaching materials - specific selection and training of teachers older than 60 years - visits to the class, with an introduction of healthy habits, team work and a final debate about generational differences - reinforcement by the teacher with classroom activities and at home (Illustrated health letter) - evaluation

Level of Education: Preschool, School

Lead Organisation: Pfizer Foundation and P.A.U. Education

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