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"The virtual enterprise" is an application that, through 3D animation, presents some typical risk situations in the workplace and shows what are the possible actions for their elimination or reduction. It then can be used individually or as part of training, to stimulate sensitivity to identify risks and appropriate preventive measures. The application is the Italian edition of the product "The entreprise virtuelle" of the French Ministry of Labour and has been designed and promoted by 'INAIL' part of an agreement between the Italian Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of French labor. Of course, the scenarios presented are not meant to show in a comprehensive way all the risks associated with the activities of an enterprise: in fact the solutions are certainly not the only possible ones. Concrete examples are intended to represent mainly the process of managing safety and health at work aims to identify and adopt the best solutions to reduce risks that can not be eliminated entirely. So users are cautioned that the proposals suggested / indicated by "Virtual Enterprise" have been simplified for educational purposes only and in no way can replace - or be used to oppose - in comments, recommendations or suggestions made by the supervisory and control bodies. The virtual enterprise is available in Italian and French.

Level of Education: Continuing vocational education and training

Lead Organisation: INAIL Italian Workers' Compensation Authority

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