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The school helps pupils to create and develop so-called key competencies and to give a basis of their general education which is a set of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and habits to be applicable in different situations, everyday life and will enable the pupils to be involved in a situation in an active manner. The learning, problem mitigation, communication, social personal, civil, and work competencies are developed. In the framework of educational and instructional strategy and securing the protection of pupils these are mostly civil competencies (to bring up the pupils as free citizens who fulfil their duties, who enforce their rights and respect others’ rights, to have them as personalities responsible for their own lives, health and the environment as thoroughful beings capable and willing to be helping in various situations, to bring up the pupils to protect their health actively and to protect the environment and working competencies (lead the pupils to a positive attitude to work, to teach to use appropriate materials, tools and technologies at work and environmental protection). The curriculum helps the pupils out to perform career selection. The teachers keep thoroughly teaching how to observe the rules, health protection and meeting the obligations and duties. Health education is taught under the subjects: Man and the World, Man and Nature, Man and the World of Work, Man and Health in the school curriculum.

Level of Education: Preschool, School

Lead Organisation: Elementary School V Rybníčkách

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