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Being aware of the needs of a modern education system, the GTH has decided to test e-learning in its staff training courses in OSH and FP. Commercial programs have not been satisfactory because of their prices, but above all because of their lack of comprehensiveness, limited possibilities of updating, on account of which they could not be adapted to meet the specific needs of the GTH, and sometimes outdated information. The pilot project was ‘FP Training’, developed jointly by the OSH and FP Department and the Computer Department. The experience from it was used to run the project OSH Training. The development of these training courses took into account the fact that they were not educational but instructional courses. In the preparation of the projects we have integrated legislative requirements for training courses, including the need for staff to take such courses on the day they start work or practical work experience, familiarising staff with concrete requirements at the workplace, and the requirements for an e-learning project, lest it be a mere page flipper – bare text with occasional pictures. E-learning should provide for interactive training (student’s active involvement in learning; for example, practical solution of practical problems). For this reason the courses are divided into two parts. Training according to legislative requirements, which is the main part, because it deals essentially with what the course is intended to ensure, plus a folder of more detailed information in both projects.

Level of Education: Initial vocational education and training

Lead Organisation: General Teaching Hospital in Prague (GTH)

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