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The two year AHRC funded project was completed in June 2009. The research, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, involved staff at Coventry University School of Art and Design, University of Northampton Centre for Childhood and Youth, University of Leicester and Keele University, in its study of the ways young people have participated in the design and refurbishment ofschools in the UK Midlands. The funding was used to support Coventry and Northampton Universities’ observations of the way and extent to which pupils were involved in the early stages of the design of their schools. The activities of 10 diverse schools in rural and urban areas around the two universities were analysed with a view to understanding and locating best practice. The project team all shared the belief that if new schools were going to be built, which provide the best teaching and learning environment all stakeholders, including teachers and pupils, should be consulted, and that the wishes of the primary users of the buildings should be central to such design. The UK government’s plans to build and/or refurbish all schools in the near future provides an ideal opportunity to create schools which are fit for purpose, which enable effective, efficient and enjoyable teaching and learning, and which are firmly based on the requirements of the buildings’ users.

Level of Education: Preschool, School

Lead Organisation: Coventry University School of Art and Design

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