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The “Healthy Schools” Programme was initiated by WECF through this Pilot Project carried out in four schools of Bulgaria and Greece, namely: Romain Rolland Language School, Stara Zagora, and Language High School, Pleven (Bulgaria), and Lykeio Kallitheas, Athens, and Fryganiotis Private School, Salonica (Greece). It addresses schools, teachers and particularly children and their families as well. The activities covered by the project are related to WHO ChildrenXs Health and Environment Action Plan for Europe (CEHAPE). This Action Plan addresses the environmental risk factors affecting the children’s health in Europe. It aims at raising the policy makers’ awareness and to determine the adoption of adequate measures in order to provide safer and healthier living and learning conditions for the children of Europe. The schools, teachers’ and students’ joint actions succeeded in identifying their own problems of health & safety related risks in schools and school environment, and were encouraged ‘to develop concrete and practical solutions’ to these problems based on their own ideas, The students and teachers of the schools involved in the project improved their knowledge on health and safety issues within their schools and schools environment, The project team prepared a presentation on the results of the activities run by the four schools of Bulgaria and Greece within the project during 2008-2009. This presentation was meant to be one of their contribution to the WHO CEHAPE Fifth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health held at Parma in March 2010, A model to be extended to other schools of Bulgaria and Greece and/or other European countries was developed based on this Pilot Project results and the concrete situations experienced within project duration, The students, in collaboration with “Clean up Greece” environmental organization, made a film on their achievements within the project that was also included in the conference presentation, The schools submitted their best projects for the 2nd CEHAPE Awards Competition held in Parma within WHO CEHAPE Conference in 2009, The WECF Pilot Project participants’ contribution to the Youth Declaration of Parma, March 2010.

Level of Education: Preschool, School

Lead Organisation: WECF (Women in Europe for a Common Future)

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