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No employee should have an accident or health problem at the workplace. Therefore the information of the personnel regarding safe and health-conscious work processes needs to be given top priority within organizations. Professional education, training and instruction are necessary in order to maintain the high industrial health and safety standards. Here, it is crucially important to organize the briefing session in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere instead of turning the instruction into a purely compulsory exercise. All employees should be given the chance to actively participate to make the instruction a successful and enjoyable meeting. To get the instruction going, a card game can be used, where at first every participant should pick at least one card (taking into account the number of participants; approximately 30 cards are available per module; all cards should be handed out). Some of the cards state a question (always numbered consecutively), others show possible answers (yet, without numerations). Now, the goal is to find the correct answer to the corresponding question: the owner of the “question card” reads the question and the owner of the “response card” gives the matching answer. This way, the participants can get a comprehensive understanding of the “noxious substances” topic.The additional presentation helps to moderate the instruction in an understandable and well structured way. Important findings are repeated, summarized and again clarified. Here, it is essential to put the interaction of the employees into the centre of attention, to really encourage the exchange of the participant’s opinions and views. Once the ice is broken, the meeting will evolve into a vivid and open discussion from which all participants will benefit.

Level of Education: Continuing vocational education and training

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