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UNESCO Chair on International Migration established at Yasar University conducts all its teaching and research activities by associating them with SDGs. Intersectionality analyzes the role, function and impacts of power in producing inequalities. Intersectionality offers a powerful framework to understand and transform the underlying processes that define and shape inequalities of all kinds.

In the last 4 years, approximately 150 students have successfully taken the courses that were supported by outside campus, active field practice experience. The courses are also participated by international students from Spain, Italy, Netherlands, UK, Norway, Poland, Czechia, Malesia, Palestine, Pakistan, and UK. Additionally, 33 capacity building trainings were offered to policy practitioners and migration experts. At least 950 policy people have participated to these trainings. 11 seminar/panel/workshop have been directly organized and hosted by the Chair where all the research, education and training activities on migration were associated with challenges and solutions for SDGs. Number of participants were at least 435 people, majority of whom were from Turkey.

Level of Education: Higher education

Lead Organisation: Yasar University Izmir

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