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ANKe offers preventive and supervisory support for promotion of integral (body, mind and spirit) development of children primarily through the medium of exercise. Cases of motor restlessness, abnormal perception behaviour, impaired concentration, specific learning difficulties, and postural complaints are increasingly being observed in schools. The numbers of children diagnosed as having ADD/ADHD (attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder), dyslexia and dyscalculia are increasing across all school types. Even where of above-average to high intelligence, children and teenagers are increasingly exhibiting learning difficulties and/or behavioural problems. Anxiety, aggression, and violence, self-inflected and towards others, are on the rise.

Level of Education: School

Lead Organisation: school administration office for the districts of Lahn-Dill and Limburg-Weilburg/Hessen Ministry of Education; school and health department in the Hessen Ministry of Education

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