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„Bewegungsbaustellen“ (wood kits for exercise) will be placed in selected kindergartens and primary schools. Associated with it is a training for the responsible pedagogues. Till autumn 2005 the schools were asked to apply for the project. The first 10 „Bewegungsbaustellen“ were financed by the Children’s Charity of Germany (DKHW). The selection took place by the project partners. The production and delivery of the “Bewegungsbaustelle” took place at the end of 2005 by BERLINbewegt e.V.. At the same time the leaflet was produced by Unfallkasse Berlin. It was shipped to all project schools and kindergarten in Berlin. Currently sponsors are sought for funding of other „Bewegungsbaustellen“. The enterprise “Campina” will fund 20 “Bewegungsbaustellen” and hand it out to primary schools soon. Until now there are many interested parties. The leaflet was shipped in a great quantity, e.g. to all institutions of federal statutory accident insurance in Germany. The selected establishments are supported and evaluated by BERLINbewegt e.V.

Level of Education: Preschool, School

Lead Organisation: BERLINbewegt e.V., Germanyes Kinderhilfswerk e.V. (DKHW), Senatsverwaltung für BJSUnfallkasse Berlin, gesetzliche Unfallversicherun

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