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People will have to focus on tasks that cannot be automated and that require creativity, social intelligence, reflection, and cooperation. Also, knowledge and skills are required to understand, use, critically view, and apply digital technologies.

Complex and cooperative problem solving will remain one of the most important tasks for people and will require knowledge, skills and expertise. To meet future requirements, our educational system must increasingly impart creative, social, and technical skills to complement theoretical knowledge. Concepts such as 21st Century Skills or Future Work Skills aim to address this challenge.

The two topic areas, “Learning” and “School development / Development in pre-school and daycare” have been introduced to support educational institutions and the educational system in designing learning environments and organizing daycare centers and schools. The idea is to help them understand the current transformation as an opportunity and apply it effectively to development and learning processes in daycare centers and schools.

Level of Education: Preschool, School

Lead Organisation: Robert Bosch Stiftung

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