TU Delft
The Netherlands
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The Safety Science Group is a research group at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. It was founded in 1984, and deals with safety issues at university level. The Group develops resources and instruments for the detection and measurement of risk factors in order to facilitate their prediction and control. Since 1989, Delft University of Technology has offered a postgraduate Master's course in Management of Safety, Health and Environment. The Master's course is offered both as internal training and as a postgraduate course. The Group is also involved in training courses for managers, inspectors and workplace designers. The Safety Science Group is also able to serve as a contact point for the Education and Training Section of the International Social Security Association.

TU Delft is in charge of the higher education team and is responsible for maintaining the corresponding forum. Together with FIOH, TU Delft will also conduct a small study for the project into changes in the world of work and their effects upon education and training in occupational safety and health. TU Delft and FIOH will further conduct a comparative analysis of existing standards for the qualification of lecturers and trainers.

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