BAR Bygge & Anlæg (Sectoral Working Environment Council on Building and Construction)
There is an "Agreement between the organizations of Bar Building & Construction on the prevention of physical and mental health in building and construction industry" - a trade agreement in connection with the creation of a prevention fund. Construction companies may refer to this agreement when they are seeking support in the prevention fund.

The Sectoral Working Environment Council on Building and Construction is one of a total of 11 Branchearbejdsmiljøråd. The Council's user interface consists of a mixed sample of construction people interested in working. The purpose of the panel is to enable users to improve BAR material both by testing prior to release and subsequent evaluation.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the BAR Building & Construction asked professionals and researchers to assess trends over the past decade and look ahead to the challenges of building and construction industry is facing when it comes to safety.

On the website you can find all BAR Building & Construction industry guides, fact sheets, websites and other information. A h
Handbook for the security group has come in the new edition in April 2008 and is reprinted (= unchanged) in May 2009. 

You can see a publication list here. 

The printed material can be ordered or downloaded in an electronic version, typically in pdf format. The guides and other material are listed by topic segmentation on the website.

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