The mission of HANSENBERG is to inspire students to learn and at the same time to provide professional competence. The prerequisite for learning is motivation and a positive attitude. Therefore, the school focuses on the strong points of each individual student. The competences acquired should be useful in professional life and in further education. This is why the work of the school is always based on the requirements and needs of the users and of the companies.

At HANSENBERG, vocational training is provided within eleven categories or basic courses: Animals, plants and nature, Body and style, Building and construction, Cars, aeroplanes and other means of transport, Electricity, controlling and computer technology, Facility service
Food production, processing and preparation, Media production, Production and development, Transport and logisics, Health, care and pedagogics.
17 programmes can be completed:P Animal keeper, Automobile mechanic
Carpenter, Cook (chef), Dental chairside assistant, Farm assistant, Fitness instructor, Graphic technician, Hairdresser, Media graphics designer, Metal worker (specialising in industrial pipes, specialising in stainless metals, specialising in sheet metal and structural work), Plumber (energy systems specialist, rust-proof industrial systems specialist, roof and facade specialist), Service assistant, companies and institutions, Technical designer, Veterinary nurse, Wall, ceiling and unit installer, Waiter and assistant waiter.

In most of these work fields, Occupational Safety and Health is of high importance.

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