BAR U&F - Branch Working Environment Councils Education and Research
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BAR is an abbreviation of BrancheArbejdsmiljøRåd, which means Branch Working Environment Council. U & F stands for Undervisning og Forskning, which means Education and Research.

BAR U&F is one of 11 Branch Working Environment Councils (BAR) consisting of the Social Partners. BAR U&F makes surveys and analysis on the individual safety and health problems within the educational sector. BAR U&F also helps the workplaces to solve their problems by giving information, arrange thematical meeting and sessions, by education and initiate research.

The work of BAR U&F is aimed at employers and employees in public and private schools, high schools, vocational education and higher education.

Roughly 200.000 persons are through their organizations and trade unions attached to BAR U&F.

The Secretariat of the Working Environment, in Danish: Arbejdsmiljøsekretariatet, is a combined secretariate carrying tasks for three Branch Working Environment Councils: BAR U&F, BAR SoSU (Social and Healthiness Education) and BAR FOKA (Financial, Public Office and Administration).

One of the project areas in BAR U&F is to mainstream Occupational Safety and Health into Education from preschool, school to vocational and higher education. Therefore it is inevitable, that the Ar and Mi-project as well as "New Kids on the Job" are included in the BAR U&F".

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