CIVOP - OSH Education, Information and Services Centre
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The Occupational Safety Information and Education Centre (CIVOP) in the Czech Republic, is an independent, private facility active at national and international level and serving industry, the public administration, and government departments. CIVOP is the Czech national centre of the International Occupational Safety and Health Information Centre in Geneva (CIS-ILO). Its functions encompass the gathering and dissemination of information, the setting up of databases, education and training of management personnel and professionals, organisation of international and national conferences and seminars, and consultation activity. CIVOP is represented on the board of the Czech chamber of commerce and in the Czech government council responsible for health and safety at work.

CIVOP is responsible for developing criteria and analysing examples of good practice in the new Member States and candidate countries, is in charge of the vocational training team, updates the data for the Vocational training forum, and is a member of the advisory board.

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