FIOH - Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
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The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH) is a research institute and an organisation dedicated to occupational safety and health. The mission of the Institute is to promote the employability, capacity for work, and health of the working population in Finland, and to enhance quality of life. For this purpose, the Institute addresses the tasks of production, compilation and dissemination of researchbased information dealing with work and health, and promotes the practical use of this information. In recognition of the requirements of the working population in Finland, FIOH's training centre has access to a high level of expertise on development of the working environment, work groups and organisation, and the promotion of health at the workplace. The training centre monitors and evaluates both the training requirements of OSH professionals, and delivery of this training, in conjunction with universities, polytechnics, and relevant educational establishments in other sectors. It develops qualification and training materials and delivers ongoing and flanking educational services. In addition, FIOH possesses considerable experience with the mainstreaming of occupational safety and health into measures for vocational preparation and the qualification of instructors for on-the-job training. It also conducts quantitative surveys on the mainstreaming of occupational safety and health into school curricula and on the requirements of companies regarding the skills of young employees in the area of safety and health.

Together with TU Delft, FIOH completes the work packages "changes in the world of work" and "impacts upon education and training" and conducts comparative analysis of existing standards for the qualification of lecturers and trainers. FIOH is also an active member of the vocational education team and is a member of the advisory board.

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