Youth programme for the construction industry
Integrating occupational safety and health into handcraft training.
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Since the 1980s, the BG BAU is supporting the interplant training centres in imparting of different issues of occupational safety and health by a complete training programme. Trainers and trainees know it by the slogan “Youth programme”.
The target group of this training programme consists of trainers and trainees in interplant training centres.
As an introduction to the programme, BG BAU carries out two-days “Introduction events”. During these events, concepts for qualification and motivation of the trainees, including lecture foils and accompanying video clips, are given to the trainers on a CD ROM, fitting the different crafts. For the trainees, there is an abstract of the matters they can take home for rereading.
To keep the knowledge of the trainers on an actual level in occupational safety and health, “Further education events” are carried out in periodic intervals.
    The youth programme of the BG Bau covers:
  • Training of the training craftsmen as an introduction to the youth programme, the BG Bau carries out two- days “Introduction events” for the training craftsmen. During these events, methodical realisation is imparted and trained. Subsequently, “Further education events” are carried out to keep the knowledge of the trainers in occupational safety and health on an actual level.Methodical training material
  • CD ROM: The CD ROM contains training units on issues like “Personal protective equipment”, “Fall prevention”, “Lifting and carrying”, ”Electric current”, “Hand-machines”, “Hazardous materials”, and hints for structuring the training, literature, information material and media. CD ROMs containing information for trainers are available for: painters and varnishers, plumbers, main construction trade, cleaners, chimney sweepers. carpenters and roof layers.
  • Guideline for trainers: For each of the CDs, there is a guideline for trainers. These are brochures containing several tips and hints for using and handling the programmes.
  • Educational films: For some of the main issues, there are educational films facilitating the access to the education and pitching the issue to the young people.
  • Demo-case PPE: In addition, a case containing parts of the personal protective equipment (PPE) is part of the youth programme. The parts can be used by the trainers as demonstration material.
  • BG BAU BG-Info-CD-Rom: The BG-Info-CD-Rom offers the training craftsmen an overview of all material of the BG BAU, laws, regulations, rules, blocks etc., in full text.
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    How to carry heavy loads
    Material for trainees
  • Sectoral leaflets: These leaflets contain an abstract of all safety- and health- issues. The leaflets can be handed out to the trainees for further information.
  • Dialogue programs: attractive and interactive learning programs giving information on important health issues of the building industry to the trainees during self-learning phases: dangers on building sites, noise, dust, back and skin.
  • Numerous additional media for information and learning
  • Guidance and support

The aim of this programme is to qualify and motivate the young trainees during their period of training inside the training centres to always consider aspects of occupational safety and health in their future field of work.

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Dipl. – Ing. Martin Rastetter (BG BAU Bezirksprävention Karlsruhe)

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