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Telephone help line for summer jobs advice
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Most problems arising at workplaces are directly solved through contact with the trade unionists. The LO districts carry out visits to workplaces and special attention is given to workplaces covered by the Hotel and Restaurant Workers´ Union and the Commercial Workers´ Union. The programme has two stages: 1) during the spring representatives from all 17 LO union districts visit schools and distribute their brochure “JOBBA”, which contains information on working life. 2) when the help-line is in place, the campaign is carried out, including the visits to work places. Promotion is done with another brochure and over the radio, with electric signs on bus stops, advertisement in the evening papers etc. In 2007 the campaign will be carried out again.

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During the campaign in 2006 the help-line received 5489 contacts, via mail or phone.
Health and safety is an integral part of working life. Therefore an important feature of this initiative is the inclusion of health and safety in a general initiative to support young people in temporary summer work. Another interesting feature is that young people are used to provide advice and support to their peers.

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