A safe start in the pharmaceutical sector
A project by GlaxoSmithKline Poland
The aim of this project is to provide a safe start for new young workers and trainees in the pharmaceutical sector including activities on risk awareness and health promotion carried out with the local community.

In the course of a work adaptation process new employees are prepared for their future roles within the company. A core set of job competencies is built up. Health and Safety is among them. Before the employees start working an individual “Job Description Card” is drawn up for them containing a list of duties and tasks. Familiarisation with the workplace is gradual starting with essential information and then broadened to include an introduction to the tasks performed by others within the same department. Periodic training sessions on safety and health must be attended. Managers gradually review the induction process. The employees are attended to by a so called “Guardian” (mentor), who assists them in their assimilation and provides guidance. Mentors are all especially skilled persons, trained in health and safety and equipped with specific skills. The project is designed and implemented by the creativity and commitment of staff and is a good example of successful cooperation between management, staff and trade unions.

Based on opinions from the young workers, the induction process is well prepared, making employees´ start into working life easier, less stressful and safer. There is a high take-up of activities organised in the wider community.

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