Vocational- pedagogic concept for the metal- and electric industry
The INQA-Project
From teacher to learning assistant
Aims and results of the project
| Bild: | The project aims at a multi-medial action-oriented approach to integrate the topic “Health and Safety” in internal and external education- and work related circumstances. The development and creation of content was done under the aspect of dialogic media development. The integration of health and safety was thematically prepared along the example of machine- and product development to integrate it into the education and training of teachers in the field of metal- or electric professions. (Development of competences)
Furthermore the development and design of an internet-based Learning- and Communication-platform (INQA-LearningWorld) was planned with extensive multi-medial creation to conduct dialogic, multi-medial teaching and learning units. During the project time a tele-tutorial infrastructure between vocational schools, higher education facilities for teachers, institutions and companies was built up. (Development of learning and method competences)

| Bild: | DiaMedia
dialogic media development

In the future, knowledge will become more and more important at the workplace, and therefore qualifying will play a major role. However, this learning for work is a lifelong process, because it's half-life period is shortening constantly. Furthermore, the work process is effected more and more by knowledge. Experts assume that in the year 2010 four out of five employees will be busy editing, collecting and ditributing information.

| Bild: | This challenge has to be accomplished by knowledge management and E- Learning. However, practical instruments, especially in the field of safety and health at work, are rare.
At this point, the "INQA Learning World" and "DiaMedia" want to offer solutions.

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