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Interactive educational software about risks in retail
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The programme uses “informative stories” to show young people in an easily understandable way the importance of safety. There is also a section of “good practice”.
The programme is based on interests appealing to the target group. The whole programme is filled with sarcastic and humorous comments. Photos, trendy language and the latest music, as well as graphical sources inspired by music videos are used.

The programme is divided into three parts:
  1. A moving and active introduction sequence “Do you know?” (examples of youth’s at work are shown and the question “what is right and what is wrong” is asked;
  2. Presentation of three characters “Have you tried?”(a girl and a boy and their employer; the employer acts as a role model)
  3. The training part “Have you tried? Start your working day” (this is a parody of a soap opera; the role model has the overall responsibility for the training of all new employees; using scenes of real working situations all ending in a dilemma, the user has to answer either with right or wrong; depending on the answer he is guided further; the dilemmas are completed by good advice)
  4. Quick guide “have you thought of?” (good advice is given on the six tasks; it is presented simple and easily understandable)
  5. Follow up for the manager “for your manager” (the manager is given good advice on how to best use the programme for instruction of young people)

An additional “other useful information” – programme is included in a form of fact sheets that can be printed off. They provide useful information on working time, dangerous materials, machines, etc.

The provisional results show positive show positive reactions on the instruction, the acquired knowledge and the usage in daily life, and starts a dialogue about the working environment. It raises awareness of the importance of looking after oneself and it is easy to use. Users have described the programme as interesting, educational, different and funny.

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Branchearbejdsmiljørådet (BAR Handel)
The Sector Work Environment Council for Retail
C/O Dansk Erhverv. Børsen
1217 Copenhagen K. Denmark

More information:
Merete Hansen

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