“Future Competence” Skills - Improve Apprentice Safety
A project by RHI AG Veitsch/Radex GmbH & Co
Young employees are also supported in their personal development. A new skill “ Future Competence” is acquired through the interplay between safety, health and technical skills. The problem, which calls for a solution, is the increased vulnerability of new, young employees to work accidents. The concept is based on life long learning. Development is achieved by employees increasing their knowledge on their own initiative. Technical skills alone are not sufficient then, just as safety and health skills are not sufficient. Only in combination with a person’s own competence will individual skills become effective. Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches are taken to safety within “Future Competence”, which includes occupational medicine and psychology, safety techniques and sports sciences. By combining four skills, the apprentices learn the fifth, which is “Future Competence”.

The main key elements of this program are: training activities such as an annual “Safety Day”, training sessions on teaching young employees, Safety Training Day for young employees and First Aid Training.
Health and Safety has been included as an important part of an overall training and skills development project.

The main results are a reduction in the number of accidents at work among young employees since the project started in 2003, improved communications between older and younger employees, promotion of tolerance and transfer of skills to outside the workplace.

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