Workplace Hazard Awareness Course
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The course is useful to anyone, but is specifically designed to help young people improve their ability to spot and understand hazards in preparation for work experience and formal employment.
The materials are designed to:
  • be accessible and inclusive
    offer a flexible course to meet individual needs
  • give young people an understanding of the health and safety hazards they may face when they start work
  • give students what they need to meet the national standard in hazard awareness
  • offer a foundation in hazard awareness which students can build on if they want
  • to take further qualifications in health and safety

There are no formal entry requirements for the course or qualification, but students will need to have the right level of literacy and numeracy skills. It can be taught on line or face to face.

Student workbook and computer based training course includes:
  • Section 1 – Introduction - being risk aware . This section includes video clips and games
  • Section 2 & 3 – Hazards - more video clips and games
  • Section 4 – Safety signs – includes interactive material
  • Section 5 - Hazardous working conditions – includes interactive material
  • Section 6 – Protective clothing – includes interactive material
  • Section 7 – Prevention (eg. First aid, Hygiene, accident reporting)
  • Section 8 – Health and safety responsibilities ends with game “what happens next?”
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Following a pilot in schools in the UK, the materials have been revised to include:
  • Hands-on activities to keep students engaged and make hazard awareness a practical and stimulating experience
  • Less text and more photos and video clips to make learning about the dangers of work more effortless
  • More real-life stories to grab students’ attention and drive home the tragic consequences of poor health and safety
  • More opportunities for class and group discussion, and more exercises that can be done in teams
  • More extension work to meet students’ different learning abilities

This is a project of IOSH and HSE, linked UK qualification organized by British Safety Council (BSC). This product is not to be sold comercially. It is available free of charge to schools and colloges.
It will be available to schools in early February 2007

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Jill Joyce - Senior Technical Adviser

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