Drug prevention in vocational training
An E- Learning program for trainers

| Bild: | Drug addiction problems in your company?

No way!

Actually, employees do not just misuse alcohol and nicotine, but illegal drugs as well. As demonstrably 27 percent of all young people encounter experiences with illegal drugs, there is the chance that trainers will have to face these problems in their company as well.
In which way such a problem can be solved, depends on the trainer's competence. The E- Learning program "Drug prevention in vocational training" wants to give support with a case study, an info-pool and material for trainers.

The case study:
In the case study, the trainer takes the part of the responsible training supervisor and has to react in 5 steps:
1. I perceive the problem
2. What can I do?
3. My conversation targets
4. Planning the conversation
5. My conversation with the apprentice

The Info- Pool:
In here, additional information on drugs, indications for drug usage, handling conspicuous behaviour, causes for drug usage, the "Drama Triangle", conversation with a drug consumer, conversation techniques, legal requirements, prevention.

Material for trainers:
These materials can be used for own presentations on this topic. There are: graphics, documents, a bibliography and an adress list.

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